Hyperpigmentation after acne treatment

Hyperpigmentation after acne treatment

The inflammation that accompanies acne breakouts can increase melanin production in the skin, leading to the appearance of postinflammatory hyperpigmentation after acne treatment hyperpigmentation. skin care products that reduce melanin production, increase cell turnover and ease inflammation can help to treat postinflammatory hyperpigmentation. hyperpigmentation is a medical term used to describe darker patches of skin. these patches result from excess melanin production, which can be caused by everything from acne scars and sun damage. hyperpigmentation starts to subside after 4 weeks of hydroquinone treatment, but maximum results usually require 8 to 12 weeks of treatment. be certain to work closely with your physician or dermatologist if you decide to use hydroquinone to ensure proper dosage and reduction of side effects. acne- related hyperpigmentation happens when dark patches develop in place of blemishes. from serums and lightening creams to chemical peels and laser therapy, there are many different treatments. to prevent hyperpigmentation from forming after an injury, avoid picking at spots, scabs, and acne. people can try the following treatments to lighten dark patches of skin and remove. hyperpigmentation acne occurs when a dark spot appears on the skin after a pimple disappears. these dark spots may occur in all skin types, but they occur more commonly in people with darker skin.

while there are some treatments that can tackle acne and hyperpigmentation at the same time, like retinoids, he says that out of the two problems, dealing with the acne should take priority. although they are helping you clear your skin, acne treatments and pih treatments alike also have the potential for causing irritation.   unfortunately, irritated skin could lead to even more dark spots and uneven skin after tone. if pih is a problem for you, let your doctor know if your skin becomes irritated from your acne treatments. in acne patients who are prone to postinflammatory hyperpigmentation, azelaic acid may be a good treatment option. the efficacy of tazarotene 0. 1% cream for the treatment of dyschromia associated with photoaging and for acne vulgaris may also be beneficial, particularly in people with dark skin tone. hyperpigmentation treatments handling hyperpigmentation the dark/ red spots left behind after acne can be as irritating as the acne itself, particularly for people with darker skin, but they do fade. acne advanced treatment system.

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